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Why Pledge Your Support

We encourage everyone who can afford to do so to donate directly to the National Emergencies Trust - please click here to give.

Pledging is a little different though. It is a fundraising approach we believe will help #BlessOurHeroes grow to reach more people, gather and share more blessings to help our heroes feel loved, and raise more money to support them.

You can pledge to donate an amount to National Emergencies Trust based on the number of blessings #BlessOurHeroes collects. We encourage partners to take up our Super Pledge and donate £1 per blessing up to a limit you choose. Otherwise our Boost Pledge allows you to choose both the amount and the target.

These targets set by our partners help make the value of recording blessings more real – with just 5 active Super Pledges and all of us aiming for their targets, a single blessing is worth £5 for the National Emergencies Trust. Who wouldn’t share how they feel for a minute to give a worthwhile charity £5? And then ask their friends to record blessings too.

We will be sharing and encouraging the reuse of blessings to help grow #BlessOurHeroes, listing our pledging partners and their blessings on our website, and using the goals set through your pledges to generate as much urgency and momentum as possible. When we hit these targets we will be celebrating them and the partners who pledged to them! This will ensure all the voices that contributed to this movement get heard.

We encourage our pledging partners to share and drive towards these goals as well, to get all their friends and teams involved and to let everyone know why they are supporting the National Emergencies Trust and #BlessOurHeroes. And we will be happy to collaborate on sharing and publicity where consistent with our aims and Acceptable Usage Policy.

We are all stronger together, and pledging by partners will energise #BlessOurHeroes as a community, and, we hope, leave a mark of positivity and hope on us all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Super Pledge?

A Super Pledge is a pledge to donate £1 for every blessing recorded on, up to a target number of blessings that you choose.

What is a Boost Pledge?

A Boost Pledge is a pledge to donate an amount you choose once #BlessOurHeroes receives a particular target number of blessings.

Is there a minimum pledge amount?

For Super Pledges and Boost Pledges the minimum target is 1,000 more than the current number of Blessings Recorded. For Boost Pledges the minimum pledge amount is £500.

Can anyone pledge?

Yes, both businesses and individuals can make either type of pledge, subject to minimum amounts. At this time we can only accept pledges from individuals or business representatives over the age of 18.

How do I make a pledge?

Go to our pledges page and decide whether you want to make a Super Pledge or a Boost Pledge, and enter the values you choose. When you click on the "register your Pledge with Shieldpay" button we will ask you for some basic details, then our partner Shieldpay will email you to perform the required ID verification and anti-money laundering checks. These can take up to 48 hours to complete, but Shieldpay aim to do so much faster.

When do I have to transfer money?

Once the anti money-laundering checks are completed you will receive a request from Shieldpay to complete payment for your pledge, which they will hold securely in escrow. Shieldpay is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Your pledge will be registered and displayed on #BlessOurHeroes once Shieldpay have received the transfer.

Can I pledge anonymously?

Yes, however in order to make a pledge you will need to provide the details required for anti-money laundering checks. But this information will not be made public. If you choose to pledge anonymously, we will not identify publicly the source of the pledge, only the amount of the pledge and your chosen target.

How long does my pledge last for?

Your pledge will last for up to 1 year, though we hope the target will be reached far sooner! If your target is reached, we will release your pledge as a donation to the National Emergencies Trust immediately. If it has not been reached after 3 months, we will review then whether it would be better for the overall amount raised to keep driving towards the target or to release the pledge at that point. In any case, your pledge will be released to the National Emergencies Trust within 1 year.

What fees are taken from my pledge?

For business pledges a small fee is deducted by ShieldPay to cover anti-money laundering and escrow costs. For personal pledges a small fee is additionally charged back to the charity by Virgin Money Giving to support transactional costs and for processing gift aid. Virgin Money Giving is a not for profit company and Shieldpay are charging a nominal fee to cover their costs.

Telbee does not receive or use any of the funds raised from #BlessOurHeroes at any stage, and all marketing and operational costs are borne by our ourselves, partners, supporters and volunteers.

I have some more questions. Is there someone I can speak to?

Most certainly. Just click here - We'll get back to you very soon.

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#BlessOurHeroes and make someone's day!

Say a thank you to your Hero, whoever they may be, in your voice, in your words

your parents - a friend - a volunteer - a doctor - a nurse - a care worker - a midwife - postmen - firemen - a neighbour - police - a teacher - mental health workers - transport workers - supermarket staff - and more...

Let our Heroes hear our voices

Recording a blessing is free, it raises money for charity, and it helps to spread love, support and positivity

It costs nothing, you can remain anonymous, and it only takes a few seconds of your time. However each message you record also helps to unlock the Pledges made by our generous donors, and all donations go to the National Emergencies Trust

To find out how you can support the campaign, please leave us your email:

more blessings recorded = more money raised = more support given

How it works

Record a blessing - it's free!

Post some simple words of thanks & appreciation for anyone who you feel is going above an beyond for you, or us all, at this time - your heroes - a doctor, a nurse, care workers, your parents or a postman, or indeed our entire NHS or police service. It's up to you! 

Listen to others' blessings

Blessings can be in prose, poem or song and are instantly posted to these same pages, categorised and tagged, for you & others to listen to and share.

Share blessings to spread the love

Let's make sure our words reach the ears and the hearts of those who need to hear them - with our voices we can express our thanks, lift them up and give them strength.

Pledge your support & Donate

Make a Pledge to support the #BlessOurHeroes campaign and we'll do all we can to ensure the nation's voices are heard loud & clear.

All Pledges and donations go to the National Emergencies Trust to help the people and communities most in need of our support at this time.

Tell them why in your voice!