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How You Can Help

Stop the spread and stay well

The first priorities now are to stay at home except for very limited purposes to stop infection spreading, and to keep mentally and physically healthy and as active as current circumstances allow. Please see the NHS’s advice here.

Record your blessings to support our heroic frontline workers

It starts with you. We want to hear your stories, your voices, your messages to our heroes at the NHS and everyone else working on the frontline to keep us safe and well in these most difficult times. There are many types of blessing and we are sure you can imagine many more:

- Thanks: Express your appreciation for the help you have received from healthcare workers and other frontline staff
- Stories: Share a personal story of a time when doctors or nurses helped you or your family
- Comedy: Laughter is the best medicine, so share your wit and compassion
- Songs: Bring joy and happiness in ways spoken words cannot
- Poetry: Give inspiration through imagery, metaphor and hope
- Children: Share thoughts and feelings in ways grown ups cannot (but only with adult supervision!)
- Groups: Record blessings together with your family, friends and colleagues

When recording your blessings please bear in mind the aim of #BlessOurHeroes – supporting our frontline workers. Blessings are messages of love, encouragement and hope, not anything that could make anyone feel unsafe. For more please see our Acceptable Use Policy.

The blessings you record will bring donations to the National Emergencies Trust from our partners who are pledging up to £1 for each blessing you record.

Listen to blessings from others

At a time when everyone is looking for inspiration and hope, you may find it in the blessings recorded by others. Or, for that matter, joy, advice, a new cause to support or a rhythm to dance to. We are collecting blessings to help uplift our Heroes, but we very much believe these will include messages to help everyone feel better, stronger and more united.

Share the blessings that speak to you

When you find those blessings that make you feel calmer, stronger, happier and better, share them with your family, friends and colleagues. Spread the message and help our healthcare workers to hear the love.

We are stronger together, and by involving more people in #BlessOurHeroes we will share more energy and strength with our frontline workers and everyone else. And we will raise more funds for the National Emergencies Trust while we do so.

Especially if you are a public figure or influencer, please share your blessings and the ones you’ve heard that resonate with you with your followers and fans. If you have a platform, please use it to help build this community to grow the love and donations we collect for those most in need.

Reuse blessings to spread the love

Blessings recorded here are public and available for anyone to use. You can download them using the ‘…’ menu on the player.

We hope you will use your creativity to reuse and share them in all kinds of media – videos, podcasts, music, documentaries, performances. Please only reuse blessings though in ways consistent with our aims of supporting and fundraising for our frontline workers, and please tag or refer to #BlessOurHeroes when you do so.

If you are a member of the media or an artist looking to make use of blessings and have any questions, please contact us.


If you can afford to do so, please donate via the #BlessOurHeroes Virgin Money Giving page - your donation will go directly to the Coronavirus appeal of the National Emergencies Trust.

If you can donate a larger amount, whether as a business, a group or an individual, please consider making a pledge to donate an amount once #BlessOurHeroes has reached a target number of blessings that you choose. We encourage partners to make our Super Pledge - £1 per blessing, or you can make a Boost Pledge and choose the amount to donate when your target is achieved. You can find our all about pledging your support here

Support the other great campaigns for our frontline workers

There are many other groups working hard to show their love and support for the NHS and our frontline workers. Please show them your support too - we understand that in no way is this list exhaustive, but these campaigns certainly inspired us to find a way that we could help too:

- Meals for the NHS

- Feed the NHS

- Clap for our Carers

- NHS Million

- Increase pay for NHS healthcare workers and recognise their work

- Thanks a million NHS

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#BlessOurHeroes and make someone's day!

Say a thank you to your Hero, whoever they may be, in your voice, in your words

your parents - a friend - a volunteer - a doctor - a nurse - a care worker - a midwife - postmen - firemen - a neighbour - police - a teacher - mental health workers - transport workers - supermarket staff - and more...

Let our Heroes hear our voices

Recording a blessing is free, it raises money for charity, and it helps to spread love, support and positivity

It costs nothing, you can remain anonymous, and it only takes a few seconds of your time. However each message you record also helps to unlock the Pledges made by our generous donors, and all donations go to the National Emergencies Trust

To find out how you can support the campaign, please leave us your email:

more blessings recorded = more money raised = more support given

How it works

Record a blessing - it's free!

Post some simple words of thanks & appreciation for anyone who you feel is going above an beyond for you, or us all, at this time - your heroes - a doctor, a nurse, care workers, your parents or a postman, or indeed our entire NHS or police service. It's up to you! 

Listen to others' blessings

Blessings can be in prose, poem or song and are instantly posted to these same pages, categorised and tagged, for you & others to listen to and share.

Share blessings to spread the love

Let's make sure our words reach the ears and the hearts of those who need to hear them - with our voices we can express our thanks, lift them up and give them strength.

Pledge your support & Donate

Make a Pledge to support the #BlessOurHeroes campaign and we'll do all we can to ensure the nation's voices are heard loud & clear.

All Pledges and donations go to the National Emergencies Trust to help the people and communities most in need of our support at this time.

Tell them why in your voice!